Know the Names, Phone Numbers, and Addresses

Of every professional,  or care giver involved with your Love One.

Do not complicate this simple instruction.  On a card that can be kept as available as your Driver’s License, or your Insurance Card, have the names and numbers at the ready.

Keep something with which to write with, and onto, at hand. ( Yes, computer technology is a great thing, but, I mean something you can bring to hand and use, without electricity, battery.)  Maybe, a spiral notebook and scrap of pencil, or an index card and a Bic.

Who are the Congress people who are vigilant about Nursing Home legislation?  Who is the Director of your beloved’s Nursing Home?  What are the names and phone numbers for the Adult Protective Services? Who is the Ombudsman and what is the scope of their authority?  Who are your Agency on Aging personnel and how can they help you?

Also who are the Media Programming Directors?  If you see something negative happening in your Loved One’s Nursing Home, who is the person at your favorite Television Station, who is Vigilant about quality nursing home care?

Because anything and everything to do with Nursing Homes is almost overwhelming the professionals in that field, every piece of information documented will help develop confidence and assurance of the Caregiver.

Document everything!

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