What is REALLY going on?

Days became weeks became months.  Five days a week, a Dearheart would say to the Physical Therapist,

“Oh not today dear.  I just can’t do it., maybe tomorrow”. It was as if the patient wanted to stay in the nursing home situation.

What else can one expect to happen, in truth, if one refuses all kinds of help and directions.

The Dearheart added to those refusals:

The Just can’ts;  ‘ Oh, I just can’t eat. or, It makes my hands cold., or It gives me violent stomach cramps., or, or, or.

Then there were the calls, with the requests and the favors:

“Go by the drugstore and get me a refill of my pain pills.”  and later, “Bring me some Vodka and Rum”.

Of course these ‘favors’ were refused by the non-patient.

With compassion, we must remember that people are in the ‘Nursing Home’ situation as Patients, because there is some kind of illness and brokenness and woundedness.

Sometimes, we are to remind the patient that we ‘know they can persevere and  get through the challenges and come to the best possible outcomes’.

Encouragement and enthusiasm are better gifts in Truth, from hearts full of love.

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