The Bully

There comes a time in most Nursing Home situations, when a room must be shared.

For some people it is an opportunity to meet a new friend and have some company.  The later times of life are often the lonely times, as we see our friends and loved ones going on before us. I’ve seen the joy of people who make friends of their room-mates and their room mate’s families.

In other instances there are those people who are going into the Great Divide and on to the other side full of anger and bitterness and resentment.  So empty within themselves, these people exert Negative powers: the mean words, the acts of selfishness, their faces contorted into expressions of hostility.

Example: A shouting of  “No talking! I want quiet!”, “Don’t look at my TV! It is mine!”

And then there are the people who Bully. They use many, near constant words of abuse, and threat, curses. They tell their room-mate frequently, phrases like:  ‘No one likes you, You are ugly, You are dying, We all hate you, The nurses all hate you, You are never getting out of here.

For our loved ones, it is difficult to overcome a sickness or a surgery when so much negativity is loosed in such a small area.

Elder abuse is a very serious and harmful event.

While I offer no professional advices; personally, I will pursue conversations with Nursing Home Directors, and the Department of Human Services, and the Adult Protective Services.

One patient can not be allowed to abuse another.  To tolerate such abuse is enabling and participating.



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