A caring, watchful, heart and mind

and a fiercely protective,  direct approach is how I visit the old folks home these days.

Visit is my polite bit of a word for: scrutinize, examine, challenge, smell, review, and keenly observe every care facility I enter.

A few weeks after I got my driver’s license was my first experience with a nursing home, some four plus decades ago. My job was to drive my grandmother and most often she would visit a friend in one or the other of several area nursing homes.

Each visit became information and  experiences for future reference.

At the same time naivete and innocence left me forever.  Horrors of humane abandonment and disregard were common and expected, excused and tolerated.

But change was in the air, the laws, and in individual state rules and regulations.  The massive eye of scrutiny to expose and improve: Journalism, media magnification of wrongs and rights and improvements needed.

This Binary Log is established to give voice, offer ideas and concepts for the reader’s consideration.

No professional advises are given in any area of endeavor. I encourage the reader to seek professionals for professional guidances.



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