The Gifts

So often people want to bring gifts to their loved one.   A sturdy flashlight with good batteries, with the recipient’s name on the case as well as the batteries, is a valued, treasured gift.  Another is to put good batteries in the TV remote control, and, maybe, a fresh battery in the wall clock.

About the only thing better than stamped addressed post cards might be to take few minutes and actually write out a few notes,  as instructed,  for your loved one.

A newspaper subscription can make your resident beloved very sought out by the other residents.  A daily or bi-weekly newspaper subscription is a BIG BIG Good gift.

An automatic photograph display all from a data card and a bit of electricity is a sure attraction for staff  of all kinds: nurses, housekeeping, maintenance.  Everyone seems to enjoy watching the scenes change as many times as photographs included.  A neutral subject matter is best, scenery, architecture,  wildlife and beautiful birds in flight are all good choices.

(Heartfully consider here, that perhaps the slut-mongering ex-husband who abandoned the beloved and their however many children, might not be a good subject to endear.)

If there is a window, consider: birdbath, or feeder, or hummingbird feeder.  Seek out the Nursing Home‘s policy, most are very agreeable as bird watching is so stimulating and helpful, but ask first.

We had a lot of fun with the Hummingbird feeder.  Those are powerful little creatures and so very territorial! Fun watching thought.                                                                       



There are limits to what can be a ‘good’ gift.  A couple of cautions:  Liquids of most any thing might be a hazard for the people who are less than alert.  There have been instances where someone has taken a good drink of soap, or lotion. Same thoughts about nail polish, and remover.  Maybe a good thought would be to carry those kinds of items in, use them; give your loved one a manicure, or lotion their hands and feet.  


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