The Great Divide

are the words commonly used to label whatever is beyond life.  The use implies a duality of life, as in life and death.


All cultures speak reverently of a ‘beyond’.  A lack of denial of life AND death is glaring if one just thinks about it.


In the nursing home, this Other World is very, very real. There are few ‘religious’ differences in the way the nursing home residents speak of this Great Divide.  They commonly speak of their family and loved ones, friends long gone, passed away, transitioned , as coming to them in their dreams.  They speak with confidence that one or the other of their parents is coming to get them, to take them home.  Or there baby brother or sister.  Sometimes they speak of siblings they did not know they had.


When these words are heard, this topic especially,  most nursing home staff people take it very seriously.  Because, commonly, usually, in a few days ,  sometimes a couple of weeks, that resident, the one who speaks of their ‘mama coming to take them home’, goes.




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